Anchor Arms – “Cold Blooded”

Album Reviews | Mar 29th, 2009

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Record Label: Fail Safe Records
Genre: Melodic Punk
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Not to be confused with emo-y but hard-hitting Anchor for Arms, Anchor Arms play energetic, gruff punk punctuated by “Hey! Hey!’s” and “Whoa-ohs.” I like their style, which is angry and impatient and avoids emo sentimentality. Their tunes, filled with tempo-changing breakdowns, also sound crafted for fist pumping at an all-ages show.

That said, this isn’t the most interesting band in the world. All these whoa-ohs sound like guttural tics without a poppier framework, and there isn’t much else separating them from other angry, melodic, punkcore bands.

I like the energy and the fact they aren’t emo-y lame, but there aren’t enough hooks for a repeat listen.

Bottom Line: Aggro punk for the kids, and only for the kids.
Notable Tracks: Poison Arrows, Cocaine Cowboys, Good Dead Me
Overall Rating:


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