Annie Williams – “This Mountain / Midnight Window”

Album Reviews | Oct 2nd, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Folk
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This double album has two CDs of five songs each. (Kind of wasteful, no?) The first disc, “This Mountain,” is the lighter side of Annie Williams – more on the ballad bent with lots of maudlin strings. “Midnight Window” has some jazzier percussion and electric guitar, with a slightly lo-fi/indie feel.

Williams’ voice works well on both sides; her vocals are soft and sweet without being breathless or babydoll. Vocal and emotional ranges are kept in check, but she’s able to express a wide spectrum through subtlety. In that way, while firmly in the folk realm, she has some commonality with the understated, vulnerable tones of Lykke Li and Camera Obscura.

Bottom Line: Skip the chintzy first CD.
Notable Tracks: Nevermind
Overall Rating:


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