Arron Dean – “MPLS”

Album Reviews | Jun 13th, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
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Singer/songwriter stuff in the Elliot Smith vein. Outside of the peppy snare-shuffle of “First Aid for the Choking” and the alt-country closer “Thorn In Your Side,” there are about 40 minutes of forgettable guitar strumming and whispered lyrics. The music is so hushed and muted, it’s barely there.

Hailing from a rural part of South Africa and now residing in Brooklyn, Dean has a pleasantly wispy voice, but he’s so quiet that there’s practically no emotional range. There seems to be a theme about American cities – is he hopeful or wistful or nostalgic or happy or depressed? Is it worth figuring out?

Bottom Line: Unassuming and unaffecting.
Notable Tracks: Nothing Owed, First Aid for the Choking
Overall Rating:


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