Atari Teenage Riot – “Is This Hyperreal?”

Album Reviews | Jul 14th, 2011

Record Label: Dim Mak Records
Genre: Techno
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I have never listened to Atari Teenage Riot before. Today, I am thankful that I haven’t…until this review.

“Is This Hyperreal?” is a thumping pile of techno sludge. It’s like one big garbage pile of Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers all playing at the same time. It’s not really music as much as it is mind-numbing noise. There are no catchy sing-a-long choruses, no melody, no real instruments…it’s techno at it’s implausible finest which means that this album sounds like someone left their blender, television, and car alarm all on at the same time while listening to “Firestarter” in a continuous loop.

If you like techno then this sounds exactly like every other techno album in the universe. Enjoy. Or don’t.

Bottom Line: Every song sounds the same but with slightly different tempos.
Notable Tracks: See above.
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