Authority Zero “12:34”

Album Reviews | Feb 21st, 2007

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Record Label: Big Panda Records
Genre: Punk
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This is the 4th full-length record from the guys from Arizona, which proves to be their best effort yet. Authority Zero are back with “12:34” and two years since their last album..well besides last year’s “Rhythm and Booze” acoustic record. Authority Zero are back on an independent label, and they are stronger than ever with their songwriting, and the overall improvement in their sound. I love “Andiamo” and its one of my favorite records but I haven’t been able to get this particular CD out of my player and I love almost every track. The whole album flows really nicely.

“Passage in Time” is a fun album but the band improved with “Andiamo,” providing hits like “Revolution,” “Retreat” and a great cover of “Mexican Radio.” With “12:34,” the band brings their punk-ska-reggae sound full throttle with songs like “On The Edge,” and their first single “The Bravery.” I also love the track “Talk is Cheap.” It’s sort of a tribute to some of the bands favorite’s like Sublime. Another fun track was the cover of “Drunken Sailor”, which was done in typical Authority Zero fashion, fast and rockin’. But besides that, they also sounded like a bunch of Pirates on the track. I guess it makes sense. If you’re a fan of Authority Zero, you won’t be disappointed!

Bottom Line: Great record with songs that are fast, catchy and you won’t be able to stop listening to them. One of my new faves!
Notable Tracks: Sirens, On The Edge, Talk Is Cheap, Courage, The Bravery, 12:34
Overall Rating: