Beenie Man “Many Moods of Moses”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Excellent dancehall coming from “la la lardie lardie” singer Beenie Man. The best song on there would have to be “Who Am I,” which is a very popular song and is played in all the hiphop clubs (not like I go to them but I hear they play him). I definately like this CD better than “Maestro” because his last CD was annoying to me, but I still like some of it. This one gets less annoying and has some really good beats in it. Buju Banton, Lady Saw are a few quest singers on this album and those songs are pretty good. Other noteable tracks “Oysters & Conch,” “So hot,” and “Monster Look.” There is a wide variety of reggae on here, and Beenie Man even does a country song on here too which is very weird. Overall, it’s goody goody.

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