Better Luck Next Time – “A Lifetime of Learning”

Album Reviews | Jan 11th, 2012

Record Label: Go-Kart Records
Genre: Pop Punk
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Fans of this light n’ fluffy emo-y power pop band will be happy: this lengthy new album includes 10 bonus tracks of demos and live tracks. Fans will also be happy because they are probably living in a la-la land of sunshine and rainbows and butterflies 24/7.

This cutesy, poppy band is hard to dislike: they’re the musical equivalent of a baby panda with a runny nose. The we-were-sad-nerds-in-high-school-but-boy-do-we-have-big-hearts shtick will assuredly elicit many an “aww” from the young ladies. We cynical 30-somethings are harder to please.

Admittedly, this album is better than their previous ones. The songwriting is tight and the hooks are catchy and plentiful. The fast tempo coupled with the high-pitched vocals and bright chords make them sound a little like the Chipmunks, but the Chipmunks are cute right? It’s for the kids, in any case.

Bottom Line: Disgustingly adorkable.
Notable Tracks: Love Answers Everything, Living in the Airwaves
Overall Rating:


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