Big D & The Kids Table “Strictly Rude”

Album Reviews | Mar 11th, 2007

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Record Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Ska Punk
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Your little emo brother might think that ska is dead, but don’t tell that to Big D and The Kids Table, as the release of “Strictly Rude” quickly approaches. The new album brings together the catchy, upbeat songs that Big D has become synonymous with, but also brings some old school, second wave ska sound to the Kid’s Table.

The album as a whole consists of a series of peaks and valleys. It has some really energetic songs toward the beginning, “Souped-Up Vinyl” and
“Noise Complaint” are in classic Big D style and show off the band’s fun punk/ska element which really kick the album off to a great start. “Shining On” has a great second wave, reggae vibe that switches it up a bit, but keeps it interesting . This momentum is counteracted by “Snakebite” and the title track, “Strictly Rude” which really slow the album down. “Snakebite” brings about a lull and its vocal echo and lyrics leave something to be desired. The ninth track, “Hell On Earth” is a turning point of sorts. It is a fun song, typical of Big D that has a strong NOFXey vibe. From then on, the remainder of the album maintains this energy and finishes off on a continuously high plateau.

Overall, fans of Big D and The Kids table will definitely be happy the album “Strictly Rude”. The best part of this band is seeing them live, and “Fly Away”, “Breaking The Bottle” and “Raw Revolution” will almost certainly become new hits for the crowd to dance and sing along to.

Bottom Line: For the most part, this album represents the fun punk/ska sound Big D has become known for. Although it gets slow at times, it has some obvious old school influence and is overall, a strong record.
Notable Tracks: ‘Fly Away,’ ‘Breaking The Bottle,’ ‘Raw Revolution’ and ‘Steady Riot’
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