Billy Idol “Devil’s Playground”

Album Reviews | Mar 25th, 2005

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Remember Billy Idol? Well now he’s back with all new material! It’s been awhile since his last album but his new album is rockin! The first track is a fast rock tune called “Super Overdrive.” The first thing I noticed was how different his voice sounded, but it only seems like that on that track. You start to hear the old Idol in tracks like “Rat Race,” “Sherri” and after those tracks.

It’s pretty creepy how old Billy Idol looks now. His body still looks like he did in the 80’s, but now his face looks like he’s 80 haha. He looks like an older Mark Messier with blonde spiky hair. I’ve heard a lot of covers of “Plastic Jesus” but Idol puts his take on it. Which is a slow raspy version. I think the song “Scream” is the best track on the CD and sounds like the old Idol that people love! If you like good ole rock n roll music and you are a fan of Billy Idol, go out and check out this new album! I was surprised how good it was!

Bottom Line: He’s still rockin’!
Notable Tracks: Rat Race, Sherri, Scream, Romeo’s Waiting
Overall Rating: