Black Sunshine – “Black Sunshine”

Album Reviews | Nov 10th, 2010

Record Label: Break Silence Recordings
Genre: Grunge
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Fronted by an “extreme” free-skier, Black Sunshine rocks with the power of a third-tier grunge band circa 1995. The music is competent, but awfully cheesy: at their hardest, they’re reminiscent of Creed. Bits of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Collective Soul can be heard; I also feel like there’s a shameful love of glam rock yearning to break free.

On the rock hardness scale, Black Sunshine is about shale, but the production is good and the vocals are surprisingly on key for someone who’s spent more time on the slopes than in the studio. And as corny and dated as the music may be, it’s at least more palatable than other “extreme” sports music (shudder).

Bottom Line: For fans of Christian rock, bunny slopes.
Notable Tracks: Burn to Shine
Overall Rating:


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