Bleeding Hearts “Politics and Love, Sex and Understanding”

Album Reviews | Nov 12th, 2005

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I’ve heard of the name Bleeding Hearts before but haven’t actually listened to the music until now. They play political fiddle punk, similar to the Levellers. But the band has more of a rockier sound than the Levs do and that’s fine. Bleeding Hearts have a few EPs & full-length albums out and their latest effort seems like they perfected the sound they were going after. The fiddle playing sounds a bit different to other folk rock bands, perhaps with a distortion or just a different fiddle? I don’t know. But I like BH’s songs that are more on the folky side, or the slower songs. It fits their style better but I like the fast ones as well.

What makes Bleeding Hearts a cool band is that there are still doing stuff DIY after ten years of being a band. That shows a lot of dedication, and it also shows the band just wants to play music. But at the same time, spread a message as well. I think I’d like these guys more once I saw them live, they seem like they would be a great band to see in person. I’m still getting used to the music of the band but so far I like what I hear. Some things could be better, or some songs might not necessarily be my style; but overall the Bleeding Hearts is a band you should look into. You never know, you might like their stuff!

Bottom Line: Decent folk punk band that has a similar style to the Levellers & Oysterband; but rockier.
Notable Tracks: Patriotic Crap, Something Good 2Day, Love is Someplace else
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