Bloody Irish Boys “Drunk Rock”

Album Reviews | Mar 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Sick Sad Records
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Celtic and folk music has been the main genre that I have been listening to for the past year or so. I’m always trying to find new bands to check out and see if they got what it takes. I found the The Bloody Irish Boys through and decided to check out their shite. Their sound is a mixture of punk rock and of course, irish music. Similar to bands like Blood or Whiskey, Dropkicks and Flogging Molly. The Singer has a Mike Ness’ snarl to his vocals but gets annoying after awhile. The music sounds fine, but the songs are very cliche. Yes, even though the title of the album is “Drunk Rock,” clearly there has to be something else to sing about than just beer. Perhaps crack whores or midgets? Well if I was in a band, I’d sing about those things. But i’ve also heard so many versions of “Finnegan’s Wake,” I wish bands could cover something more obscure. But I guess that’s what happens when you listen to nothing but Celtic music. There’s some songs that stand out from the others but there are some that sound the same to me as well. Impressive debut album and I’m curious what their next album will sound like. Hopefully their sound will mature more, and some songs will sound different from each other.

Bottom Line: Cliche Celtic punk, but at least they sound all right!
Notable Tracks: Drunk Tonight, Full Moon
Overall Rating: