Bob Marley & The Wailers “Africa Unite: Singles Collection”

Album Reviews | Nov 7th, 2005

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Record Label: Island Records
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There are so many different Marley compilations, how is this one different from the others? Beats the hell out of me. But I don’t mind another Bob Marley CD to listen to. This CD has a new Bob Marley song (believed to be recorded in 1979 in Miami) and 2 new remixes. So I guess that was a good enough reason to re-package the same songs we already know & love. Bob Marley seems to be alive and well like Elvis & Tupac, since they all keep coming out with new material. They all must live on a sacred music island and when they need more money, they come out with a new song. Of course, that’s what I like to think.

Africa Unite: Singles Collection starts with some of the Wailers’ real early stuff like “Soul Rebel” & “Concrete Jungle” and then moves on to the Island Records hits. Some of these versions of the songs I haven’t heard before, I don’t remember “Concrete Jungle” sounding like that. The new track on this album is called “Slogans” and it’s really good. Stephen & Ziggy Marley found the acoustic demo at their mother’s house and produced it & overdubbed it with instruments, including guitar work from Eric Clapton. There’s also a remix of “Get Up Stand Up,” but with the beat of “Welcome to Jamrock.” That song is from Damien Marley, who is also one of Marley’s kids. That was really interesting to here a new take “Get Up And Stand Up.” The other song remixed was Africa Unite and it sounds pretty cool. It’s done by of Black Eye Peas. Rita Marley personally picked him, to remix a song of Bob’s for this album.

While this album has pretty much every song from Legend, its worth buying if you want to hear that new song “Slogans” and want to hear some remixes. But maybe you don’t own any Bob Marley and would like to start…then this album is a good place to start with your Bob Marley experience. Ya mon!

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Bob Marley, most likely you heard 99 percent of these songs before on another album. But if you don’t own any Marley compilations, this is a great one to purchase.
Notable Tracks: Lively Up Yourself, TrentchTown Rock, No Woman No Cry, Waiting in Vain, Is This Love, Jamming, One Love, Three Little Birds, Slogans
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