Bob Marley & The Wailers “One Love At Studio One 1964-66”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Heartbeat/Studio One Records
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Heartbeat Records is re-launching a lot of Studio One releases in honor of the late Sir Coxsone Dodd. Dodd was a legendary producer who passed away in 2004, and he was known all over the world for recording some of the biggest reggae artists at his studio. The first album in the re-launch that I’m reviewing is The Wailers’ Studio One 2 disc CD that features many of their classic ska songs, as well as some previously unreleased songs.

Not too many people know that Bob Marley started out as a ska group. A lot of his music with the Wailers in the Studio Ones days best demonstrated that. The people that do know that the Wailers were ska, know that the Wailers’ stand-out track of that era was “Simmer Down.” that’s clearly my favorite off this album and of the early Wailers’ material. It just sums up Marley & co. early work so perfectly. While listening to the early ska music, it won’t surprise you that it sounds like Motown and other music from that period. People say that Studio One is the “Motown of Jamaica” and I agree. Studio One was such an important part of Jamaica history and put it on the map for music. One of the groups that help them do it was the Wailers. Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh were young lads and it doesn’t even sound like how most people know them. That’s why the Wailers early stuff is so interesting to listen to. It’s interesting because you hear a lot of the songs that they did when they turned into a mellow reggae band. Be sure to check out early versions of “Down Pressor Man” which is called “Sinner Man” here, or “I’m Gonna Put It On” or “Bend Down Low. ” I tend to like the faster ska songs than the slow Motown sounding songs with the Wailers. While this might not be the best quality (it’s remastered after all), this is still worth listening to and owning. Definitely check this out if you love the Wailers like I do.

Bottom Line: I love Bob Marley & the Wailers, Including his early ska stuff!
Notable Tracks: Simmer Down, Go Jimmy Go, Rude Boy, I’m Gonna Put It On, Sinner Man, Bend Down Low
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