Bootload Of Boogie – “Sweaxxy Chogg EP”

Album Reviews | Dec 2nd, 2011

Record Label: Scratch It Back Records
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Attention: World! All of your pain and suffering can now end. Shout it from your rooftops, declare it in your town streets, ring the church tower bells: Bootload of Boogie has triumphantly returned with a new EP! And with it… hope for mankind!

I hope the above doesn’t get quoted in their next press release, because this is seriously fucking terrible. It’s the musical equivalent of a urinary tract infection: unbearably uncomfortable and you will do anything to make it end.

If for some reason you’re curious, just imagine completely tone-deaf, monotone, froggy, half-spoken vocals over sloppy, drudging, downtempo 4/4 rock with funk elements. But it’s funny because the lyrics are stupid and it’s not supposed to be good! What knee-slapping hilarity!

There is nothing redeeming about this EP, other than the fact that it’s not a full album. It might also make you feel better about your own musical talent, assuming that you have less than none.

Bottom Line: Want to be embarrassed for people you don’t know?
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