Bravo Johnson “The Cooked and the Straight”

Album Reviews | Jul 4th, 2008

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Record Label: Stone Junction
Genre: Americana Rock
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Bravo Johnson sounds like a Tom Petty cover band to me. “The Cooked and the Straight” is a 2-disc CD set featuring a lot of alternative country, Americana, blues rock music. I’m not really a fan of those genres all that much but this isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t listen to it on a normal basis but I’d probably wouldn’t mind seeing these guys if they performed at a bar. That’s not an insult to Bravo Johnson, they just remind me of a really good bar band. They seem like a band that isn’t really trying to get noticed, just playing music for the love of it. If this sounds interesting to you, check out their myspace here.

Bottom Line: These guys sounded good but not something I’d listen to normally
Notable Tracks: King of the World, Aimlessly Drifting, Ace in the Hole
Overall Rating: