Brian Setzer “Rockabilly Riot: Volume 1”

Album Reviews | Jul 25th, 2006

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Record Label: Surfdog Records
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I like The Stray Cats, I like Brian Setzer Orchestra and now the rockabilly dude is back to his original roots, straight up rockabilly! Setzer pays tribute to Sun Records, which was the label that started the whole rockabilly thing. Setzer recorded the album in good ole’ Nashville and Setzer really captures that rockabilly sound that Elvis, Carl Perkins, and of course Johnny Cash pioneered. If there is one person to cover the classic rockabilly tunes now, it’s Brian Setzer!

I don’t know too much about rockabilly but I really like it when I listen to it. Makes me want to grow out my sideburns, puff up my hair and put a half gallon of grease on it. But then again, I can’t even grow damn sideburns. The music is really good, and Setzer’s guitar work is excellent! The music is a little tamer than I’d expect from Setzer, I wished he would have put a punkier spin on the songs. Maybe the next volume he’ll kick it up a notch and make the songs sound tougher or add some edge to them. But any fan of rockabilly, The Stray Cats and of course Brian Setzer, will like this album. At least listen to some samples of the album online first to see if it’s your thang daddy-o.

Bottom Line: Rockin’ good tunes!
Notable Tracks: low down, Get Off Your Mind, Tennessee Zip
Overall Rating: