The Briefs – “Steal Yer Heart”

Album Reviews | Oct 18th, 2005

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Record Label: BYO Records
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This CD was recorded in the 70’s right? No seriously, these guys sound straight out of the 70’s punk era and that’s no way a bad thing, it’s actually a great thing. This is The Briefs’ 4th album and by far their best CD to date. I heard the Briefs’ last album “Sex Objects” but vaguely remember it. I believe I liked the songs on the CD, just haven’t gone back to listen to it because I suck like that sometimes. But perhaps I should go back to that album because this album is awesome! The album’s production even sounds distorted or 70’s-like which fits their music style. The songs are short, but there’s enough to be satisfied with. Almost every song is under 2 minutes, with the exception to three songs. But this is punk rock after all, you can’t have songs over 5 minutes long!

I like the songs towards the end of the album more but the whole album is great! I didn’t have an urge to skip a track or fast forward. I think my favorite song on the album is either “My Girl (Wants to be a Zombie)” or “Normal Jerks.” These guys write such catchy choruses! The band that comes to mind when I listen to The Briefs is The Buzzcocks. The vocals, the choruses, the guitar works all sound like the Buzzcocks to me. There’s so much screamo, emo & all that crap in the scene today, that this band gives me some hope that the future of music won’t be complete horseshit. This will be one album I will keep listening to over and over again. It’s that good!

Bottom Line: Fans of the Clash, The Undertones and the Buzzcocks will absolutely love this! Buy this CD now!
Notable Tracks: Criminal Youth, I Can’t Work, My Girl Wants to be a Zombie, Normal Jerks
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