British Sea Power “Open Season”

Album Reviews | Apr 5th, 2005

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I think I have British Sea Power’s previous CDs (full-length and an EP) but I haven’t listened to them yet. Hey, I got a lot of CDs to listen to! British Sea Power’s music is hard to describe in terms of one set genre. I guess it’s a mixture of 80’s new wave, indie, and folk rock. I keep getting an Echo and the Bunnymen vibe from them. The vocalist’s singing has that dark/ new wave style and I guess that’s why I keep bringing up new wave.

“Open Season” is a follow-up from their debut album “The Decline of British Sea Power” and the music is pleasant. Not sure that’s the right word to use but the music isn’t noisy or outright boring. I really have to be in the right mood to listen to this album though. Some of the slower songs just don’t do it for me but the more upbeat tracks I like a lot! I think the stand out track is “Be Gone.” I really dug that track a lot and think it sounded the best out of all the tracks on the CD. Overall, I liked this album a lot and can’t wait to hear more from British Sea Power.

Bottom Line: New Wavish indie rock that I like a lot. Look into these guys!
Notable Tracks: It Ended On an Oily Stage, Be Gone, Please Stand Up
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