Buck O Nine “Hellos and Goodbyes:Live and Unr”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Offramp Records
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Quite possibly the last 1.09 record to hit the ska world, and well if it is, its a great way to go. This album is one of the best live recordings I have heard from a ska band and well, other bands as well. 20 Tracks of live and unreleased material with the last 5 or so tracks of unreleased music. The live portion lets the listener hear a great live band and to show how much fun it can be. Future bands take note on the quality of the sound on this record, because I don’t think I heard a better recording. Perhaps the technology is getting better and better, but there still are some subpar recordings out there. My favorite tunes on the album are “Who are They?” “Nineteen,” “Tell it Like it was,” and “I’m the Man.” Definately go buy this at www.offramprecords.com, because truthfully, I doubt this will be in your local record store.

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Notable Tracks: “Gypsy of Budapest” “Some Sweet Day”
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