Bullet Train To Vegas “We Put Scissors Where our Mouths Are”

Album Reviews | Jun 7th, 2005

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Record Label: Nitro Records
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We Put Scissors Where our Mouths Are? You should put a gun where your mouth is. Ok that was too harsh haha. Eh, right off the bat, I’m not feeling this band. Same old crap that I hate! Their music is annoying, and the vocals are like knives picking at my ears. He has this loud screeching yell, like he’s some classic rock, metal singer or something. It just doesn’t work out for him. Usually when I review Cds that I don’t like, the band still sounds all right; it’s just not my ‘cup of tea.’ But with Bullet Train to Vegas, I just think they don’t sound good!

Bottom Line: Definitely not my type of music, plus they don’t sound good either.
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