Bullys “BQE Overdrive”

Album Reviews | Mar 19th, 2007

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BQE Overdrive seems like it should be the sound track to one of those suburban punk teen movies, like SLC Punk or Suburbia. It has a song about hating your job, a song about fast food (aptly titled “Fast Food”) and spews anti-authority lyrics which stays within angst-based theme of the entire record. BQE Overdrive is about a bunch of guys from Queens having a good time, and writing some catchy punk songs along the way.

The music is along the lines of The Queers and The Briefs, catchy but repetitive simple punk songs, suitable for sing alongs. The songs all have basic themes that are easy to relate to as well, “Fired” boasts about trying to get fired in order to do nothing and collect unemployment checks (and who can’t relate to that?). The album’s anthem is “Against All Authority”, and the title basically says it all; The Bullys don’t take crap from anyone. It is not clear if the track is serving as an homage to the band Against All Authority, or they just could not come up with a more unique phrasing.

At times, The Bullys lyrics get a bit too punk-tough-guy simplistic and become cringe worthy. As genius as “Gimme a break, don’t break my balls” may be as a lyric on the song “Balls”, lyrics like these get repeated to the point of stupidity in a number of songs like “Skel” and “Against All Authority”. However, the music is fun and catchy and these songs will fit in well with for the punk scene today.

Bottom Line: BQE Overdrive sums up your angst-filled high school years.
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