Carcrashlander – “Mountains On Our Backs”

Album Reviews | Jul 26th, 2009

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Record Label: Jealous Butcher Records
Genre: Indie
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Lo-fi indie with a dissonant, post-punk bent. The first track, an 8-minute marathon of out-of-tune drone, soft vocals, and slow tension-and-release hills, is… actually, better than it sounds!
Ordinarily, I’m impatient with this kind of music, but Carcrashlander manages to set the right mood and keep my interest. I’m glad I stuck through the lengthy opener because the subsequent songs are shorter and yet better at crafting lasting soundscapes. Piano-heavy “Dollar Store Halo” is a lo-fi charmer, and the rolling drums on “Capillary Ways” offset the space-rock guitars. On other tracks, buzzing, screeching, and sometimes shredding guitars cut through the warm, feel-good atmosphere. It somehow works.

The vocals are straight-forward and understated, lacking any hipster pretense. Perhaps the band lacks emotional punch, but they carve a lo-fi sound that’s both dissonant and pleasing.

Bottom Line: They’re not going to change the world, but they marry lo-fi and post-punk very well.
Notable Tracks: Killingsworth Frost
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