Cartoon Violence – “Whatever Happened To The Likely Lad?”

Album Reviews | Mar 4th, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Do The Dog
Genre: Ska
Band Link: link

Do The Dog’s latest ska release is from a band called Cartoon Violence. It’s a side project formed by 3 Minute Warning’s keyboardist Chuzz and this album contains 9 tracks of keyboard driven bouncy ska music. The keys are prominent in all the songs and for good reason, since this is Chuzz’s band.

For being a member of 3 Minute Warning, the band doesn’t sound like them that much. Cartoon Violence is going for the Madness/ Hotknives sound. The songs are very bouncy (“Vauxhall Nova” “Kite,”), even without a horn section. Some of the songs are nutty (“Easy Tiger,” “Rattlesnake”), like in a Madness way. The keys and the guitar upstroke provide the ska parts of the music. The vocals could be better, other than that I don’t have too many problems with this album. Clearly if you enjoy ska and read this website, you know that Do The Dog are one of the few labels that releases top notch ska music like this! To hear a few songs off this album, visit the band’s MySpace page here.

Bottom Line: Interesting side project from 3 Minute Warning keyboardist. Worth checking out!
Notable Tracks: Attic, Teresa, Do Something About It
Overall Rating:


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