Casino Rumblers “See How It’s Gonna End”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Oh yeaahh, Aussie pyschobilly swing/ska! The band plays a mix of ska, pyschobilly, swing and straight up rock n’ roll and were hand picked and recruited to form this band. So are they like The Spice Girls of the rockabilly ska scene? Anyway, I never heard of this band until now, but glad this CD was sent to me for review because I haven’t heard something like this in a long time.

The album rives up to a great start with the tune “It’s The Life.” The song is filled with awesome guitar solos, sharp-sounding horns and vocals that kick ass. Well pretty much that’s how the whole album is. I couldn’t find a bad song on “See How it’s Gonna End.” Honestly, the album sounded like Pete Porker singing for Tiger Army or Hipster Daddy-O. Another song I thought stood out was “Rebel,” which is probably the only rockabilly tune on the album. The Stray Cats would be proud! I wonder how energetic this band is live because they contain a lot of intensity just on the CD alone! The band has opened up for the Misfits, Horrorpops, The Porkers and Reel Big Fish; so they are doing something right to get picked to play with those bands. If you’re just the least bit curious about the Casino Rumblers, check out their MySpace page:

Bottom Line: Imagine Tiger Army and the Porkers doing a band together, that’s how the Casino Rumblers sound!
Notable Tracks: State Kryptkeeper, Black Holiday, Psycho Army, Rebel
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