Change Of Pace “Prepare The Masses”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Immortal Records
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A Change Of Pace hails from Authority Zero land in sunny Arizona. Well they’re not actually from Mesa and they sound nothing like AZ but they do sound pretty damn good even though their sound isn’t very consistent. Sometimes, that can be a good thing.

“Prepare The Masses” gauges the entire rock spectrum and comes back with a borderline schizophrenic album that, by the end of the last track, you’re left wondering what just hit you. Like I said before, sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing. “Prepare The Masses” is in that spot right between the good and the bad. The album starts off with a good hook-laden rock ditty and then it’s anyone’s ballgame. One minute it sounds like you’re listening to Yellowcard (bad), the next it sounds like Zebrahead (good) followed by Thrice (so so). What stands out the most are the harder sounding rock songs like I Wanna Be Your Rock And Roll and White Lines And Lipstick. I didn’t like the weaker emo-sounding songs and there were more of them than not. I was impressed with the strong drumming and my favorite part of any good song, the guitar solos. There were a few good ones scattered throughout the course of the album, especially the awesome solos on Weekend Warriors and White Lines And Lipstick.

It’s really hard to categorize A Change Of Pace in any specific category other than rock. The album does its fair share of rocking more often that not, but some of the tracks seem to drag on and at times, the vocals are hard to listen to. A couple members of the band share the vocal duty at times and both are good at certain points. If you’re looking for a fun party album or just looking for some straight up radio-friendly rock, “Prepare The Masses” will certainly deliver. You just may not want to listen to it again right away.

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Notable Tracks: Weekend Warriors, White Lines And Lipstick, Prepare The Masses, A Song The World Can Sing Out Loud
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