Chixdiggit! “Pink Razors”

Album Reviews | Apr 19th, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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I never listened to Chixdiggit before but I swore they had a chick singer haha. Well apparently not. Hearing Chixdiggit for the first time makes me wonder why I never listened to them before. It’s probably because Paul stole all the Fat Wreck CDs from me haha. But in any event, from the first listen, I actually like this Cd. It’s pop punk I don’t mind listening to because it’s just really catchy. I even liked the slow ones which I tend not to like from punk bands.

The one band that comes to mind when listening to Chixdiggit is Screeching Weasel. Though, for some reason, I also keep getting early Blink 182 popping into my head too. The vocals are good and aren’t too whiny. That’s a problem I have with some pop punk bands but Chixdiggit! does the singing part just right. The vocals really fit the style of music though. The last track “Nobody Understands Me” stands out from the others because it’s a synth pop tune. Well synth pop and punk mixed together. Something the Travoltas do very well. The bonus track is a 27 minute track of the band doing audio commentary. Yes, audio commentary on an audio Cd. Not sure I’ve seen this done before but Chixdiggit do it. They talk over each track and it’s funny & intriguing at the same time. This album is definitely worth purchasing if you are a fan of pop punk and Chixdiggit!

Bottom Line: Fun catchy pop punk. Worth getting if you like Chixdiggit!
Notable Tracks: Welcome to the Daiso, Geocities Kitty, Earthquake, Koo Shark, Jimmy The Con
Overall Rating: