Constant Velocity “Muttonhead”

Album Reviews | Aug 21st, 2008

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Record Label: Miscellaneous Music
Genre: Art Rock
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Constant Velocity’s album Muttonhead changes genres so consistently that it’s hard to figure out what to label them. Starting with a track that features spacey guitars and some introspective lyrics before hitting some Pavement-like highs with the second track, and country on the third track, the band seems to be interested in trying whatever genre they thinks fits their music. In a way, they most closely resemble the Dead Milkmen, which is a good thing because too few bands take cues from the Milkmen these days. While the album never develops a strong cohesion and is too short at 8 songs, it has a really fun and interesting vibe. You can tell the band has fun with the music (especially on the song Truculent) and never take it too seriously. It’s hard not to like this one.

Bottom Line: Fun, arty, and interesting. Worth a listen.
Notable Tracks: After 4, Truculent, In Memoriam
Overall Rating: