Cooler By The Lake “S/T”

Album Reviews | Sep 6th, 2007

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Record Label: Rory Lake Presents
Genre: Rock n’ Roll
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Um. I think this is a joke. I hope this is a joke. Cooler By The Lake this ridiculous tongue-in-cheek early 80s trucker rock with excessive production, some of the most bizarrely bombastic vocals I have ever heard, and predominantly redundant synthesizers. The songs cover most of the topics that Foghat, Journey, and Spinal Tap have all tackled. And Cooler By The Lake do a far inferior job of all those bands. So I’m thinking this must be a joke. I mean, the front cover doesn’t show rock stars. These are nerds. NERDS!

I mean, it came with a 90+ minute making of documentary that I was frankly too afraid to watch. Quite frankly, Cooler By The Lake scare me a little bit. Because if they’re not a joke, then I worry that they might have come in a time machine to inflict bad 80s stoner rock on all of us. And I thought we had finally rid the world of it.

If this is a joke, then congratulations, Cooler By The Lake. You fooled me into thinking that this could actually be the work of a real band. *shudder*

Bottom Line: If this isn’t a joke, it’s bad 80s rock.
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