Craig Armstrong “World Trade Center”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Original Motion Picture Score for the infamous Oliver Stone Directed movie about two of the survivors of one of the worst tragedies in U.S. History, 9/11/01. Craig Armstrong delivers a stirring and emotional score that really embodies what the film represents. While I did not see the film yet, I can picture how it would be. More focused on the people of that awful day, the score really gives a human element. Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena play the two survivors of the Port Authority that film is based on.

The score has lots of quiet themes, with plenty of the piano and the cello. The music really gives the listener that something grim is about to occur, and you want to feel for the people involved. Everyone still has emotions tied to that day, and while its 5 years ago, the music and movie help shed a little light on how that day was for some of New York’s bravest. Armstrong’s approach must have been difficult, in the sense that how does one create a score for such a tragedy and make it so its not so foreboding and dark. It is slightly dark score, but sensible and nice at the same time. Vocalists used on the score were used just right and sounded great. Soprano Susie Stevens Logan, and Catherine O’Halloran really helped add to the music.

Bottom Line: Excellent score for such sensitive material as is the World Trade Center. Armstrong really delivers a moving score that can stand out on its own and within the film.
Notable Tracks: WTC Cello Theme, WTC Piano Theme, John Rescued/Resolution, WTC Choral Piece
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