Crime In Stereo “The Troubled Stateside”

Album Reviews | Apr 18th, 2006

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Crime In Stereo aim for a more melodic hardcore sound with their music and with The Troubled Stateside, that is exactly what you get. Crime In Stereo is a Long Island based band and the influence of the New York hardcore scene shows through with most of their songs.

The Troubled Stateside was hit and miss for me. I’m not big on the hardcore sound that made up most of the album. There was more screaming style vocals ala Sick Of It All or Rise Against that I could stomach. I did like the more melodic vocals with the more straightforward punk sound that reminded me a lot of Shelter. I actually found myself skipping a few of the earlier tracks but the album redeemed itself a little bit by the end of the disc. The last four songs were the best on the entire album. The punk was more prevalent, they were fast paced and the vocals were understandable and lacked all of the hardcore screaming that I hate so much.

I have to give kudos to the talent in the band. The dual guitars and the driving bass sound great with the drums providing the steady backbone that holds everything together. My main problem would have to be the vocals. Like I mentioned many times before, I don’t like the hardcore sound because of the vocals. I just can’t deal with the screaming, it’s very annoying. Even though the vocals on The Troubled Stateside aren’t nearly as bad as most hardcore bands, the raspy semi-screaming vocals remind me too much of all of the newer “punk” bands that riddle the Warped Tour as well as every music channel on TV. As with Rage Against The Machine, I like the sound of the music, I just can’t stand the vocals.

Most hardcore fans might be turned off by the more melodic sound of Crime In Stereo but for fans of Kill Your Idols, Rise Against or Thrice, The Troubled Stateside should probably be in you disc changer or on you I-Pod right now. Personally, I think I’m going to put in some Shelter right now to get that taste out of my mouth.

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Notable Tracks: Bicycles For Afghanistan, Dark Island City, For Exes
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