Cure, The “Faith (Remastered)”

Album Reviews | Jun 7th, 2005

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The Cure’s 1981’s “Faith” album is one of the three albums that has gotten the remastered treatment from Rhino Records, so fans will be pleased with the final result. The album progresses more into the dark territory and gets quite moody sometimes. The album starts off with an intro and leads into “Primary.” Primary” is a good example of the type of songs I like from the Cure. It’s upbeat, but still contains the Cure’s mysterious sound. I really have to be in a depressing mood when listening to the Cure. Though I wouldn’t go as far as say sitting in the room alone, with no lights on and writing Gothic poetry or something. The album really has a minimalist feel to it because minutes go by without Smith actually singing in some songs.

The rarities disc contains music from 1980-1981 and the music is more rawer than the final CD. The songs sound a little rough around the edges and seem like just instrumental tracks. You can tell they were trying out different ways of doing a song. I think it works best on the final CD. The outtake version of “Primary” was interesting though. Overall, I liked a few songs on here but mainly wasn’t that impressed with it. Hardcore Cure fans will love this though.

Bottom Line: I didn’t like this one as much as Seventeen Seconds.
Notable Tracks: Primary, Doubt
Overall Rating: