Cure, The “Pornography (Remastered)”

Album Reviews | Jun 7th, 2005

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More and more albums are being remastered and it’s a good thing. Fans of the Cure should be happy since three of their albums have just been remastered, included with those CDs is another disc of rare B-sides and demo & live tracks. Some people think “Pornography” is the Cure’s best album. For me personally, I was little bored with it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m reviewing all three remastered albums back to back. This Cd definitely showcases Robert Smith’s unique style of singing and musical composition. Just not a fan of the slow, monotone songs but that’s what the Cure do. I like Cure songs like “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Pictures of You.” But if I had to pick between the Smiths and The Cure, I’d pick the Smiths any day.

The rarities disc is really good and I like some of the demo versions of the songs better than the final versions. The second disc has about 14 tracks, some feel like long instrumental tunes. Which is okay, I just have to be in a different mood. Pornography’s audio quality is excellent compared to the original album. If you don’t have this album already, then go out and get this if better quality and rare tracks is something that intrigues you.

Bottom Line: I prefer the Cure’s greatest hits & singles albums to their full length CDs.
Notable Tracks: A Short Term Effect, The Figurehead, A Strange Day, Temptation
Overall Rating: