Dead To Me “Cuban Ballerina”

Album Reviews | Jul 11th, 2006

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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What do you get when you cross a member of Western Addiction & a Fat Wreck Mailorder person, and two members of One Man Army? Well, Dead to Me of course! Jack & Brandon of One Man Army make up half the band, and the other half is Chicken of WA & his cousin Ian Anderson plays the drums. How cool that the singer of Jethro Tull plays drums for the band!! But seriously, Chicken came out of rehab successfully and wrote a bunch of songs in result of that. Or he probably wrote them while being in there as well. Chicken and Jack split up the singing duties; sometimes they are singing together on the same song but most time its separate songs. I like Jack’s voice better but he’s got one of the most unique singing styles in punk rock I think. Chicken has a different style, but it sounds okay.

I’m glad to see the guys from One Man Army in a new band because right when I was really getting into the band, they broke up. Figures, that always happens with bands I like. I think the most notable song on the album is “Special Professional,” I love the drumming in it but more importantly Jack’s singing style. It’s just a catchy punk rock song. The band writes about personal things, but also has a bit of a political edge to them as well. You’re not going to get a straight up One Man Army Part Deux band, because Chicken seems to be in the limelight more. The band has a harder sound than OMA and I can definitely hear a old school hardcore sound influence in some of their songs. Western Addiction comes to mind for that sound, which is understandable. The band has only been around since 2003 or so, but it sounds like they have been playing together for a lot longer than that. I wonder how well the band performs live because it seems like they would be a fun band to see live..That is, if they ever get out of California. If you are the least bit curious how this band sounds, check out their myspace page here. I think the band sounds great for only having one album out and looking forward to hearing more soon.

Bottom Line: Great punk album featuring members of One Man Army and Western Addiction!
Notable Tracks: Don’t Lie, Something New, Special Professional, Goodbye Regret
Overall Rating: