Dexter Danger “Hellfornia”

Album Reviews | Feb 12th, 2007

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Record Label: Orange Peal Records
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I guess bands still play pop punk after all! Sort of relief to hear some pop punk every once and awhile and get away from those pesky emo & post hardcore bands. Dexter Danger actually sound all right! Hailing from San Francisco and forming in 2001, the band seems to be doing all right for themselves. Their sound is whiny but not too whiny, but also not too punky either. Just right in the middle. The choruses are catchy and the band isn’t afraid to break out a guitar solo. Dexter Danger have played with bands like Rufio, RX Bandits, Yellowcard; so you can kind of figure out their musical style just from those bands listed right there. This album is something to check out.

Bottom Line: Surprisingly good pop punk band from Cali
Notable Tracks: No Disgrace Like home, Trainwreck, System Overload
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