Dirt Mall – “Pacifuego”

Album Reviews | May 31st, 2010

Record Label: Daykamp Records
Genre: Garage
Band Link: www.myspace.com/dirtmall
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Garagey, riff-heavy rock n’ roll. I like dirty-ass punk rock, but Dirt Mall’s midtempo pace, lackluster rockitude, and muddy production make them sound awfully restrained and held back. Mediocrity is the result.

I get that they’re going for thick riffs and a thumping tempo, but to make something like this work, you need either catchy hooks or big balls and a guttural snarl (preferably all of the above). These guys need to get out of the grungy bar rock mindset and listen to more AC/DC. Or speed things up and go for a barn-burning Electric Frankenstein sound.

Bottom Line: Garagey rock that doesn’t register on the rock-o-meter.
Overall Rating:


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