Dirty Bird “Here Lies Dirty Bird”

Album Reviews | Jun 21st, 2007

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Record Label: 4 Walls Records
Genre: Doom Rock
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It’s hard to decide if a doom rock band knows what they’re doing and is simply boring by nature of the genre, or if they’re hopelessly inept.

Dirty Bird would be the latter. Oh, and it wasn’t hard to decide that at all.

First of all, why does ANYONE think it’s a good idea to distort their vocals to the point where it sounds like they’re shouting through a crappy bullhorn that’s running out of batteries?

Secondly, their songs are like when you’re 14 and just got your first guitar and you’re like, “Whoa, check it out, when I hit this note like 10 times over and over again – it sounds really cool when I use this distortion pedal!!”

Most doom rock is boring as hell, but at least you could sense the design behind it, maybe even appreciate the slow crystallization of something beautiful, if not immediately rockin’. But Dirty Bird doesn’t have any preconceived structure, build-up, or high concept – it’s just crappy, amateurish note hitting with crappy distorted screaming. If you can’t do the exact same thing in your sleep, you’re probably in a coma.

They only get half a star over the minimum because apparently they sometimes play wearing bird costumes. Birds are cool.

Bottom Line: Like listening to your little brother’s fumbling attempts at stringing notes together.
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