Dirty Filthy Mugs – “All Yobs In”

Album Reviews | Jun 12th, 2010

Record Label: DC Jam Records
Genre: Street Punk
Band Link: www.dirtyfilthymugs.com
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There have been many Dropkick Murphys clones out there, but Dirty Filthy Mugs aren’t one of them. If anything, the band is similar to the Swingin’ Utters. Dirty Filthy Mugs play street punk but mix in a Celtic style as well. Their guitarist plays the squeezebox here and there, plus they have loads of songs about drinking.

“Frontline Hooligans” starts off the album and immediately you know what you’re getting with the Dirty Filthy Mugs. Rowdy, loud street punkers who seem like they’ve been at the pub for too long. The production of the album is actually good, which a lot of the time makes or breaks an album for me. The band is known for their live performances, but I’m curious to see how their shows are since they sound awesome on their album. My only complaint is some of the songs tend to get generic and too cliche after awhile. Or maybe I just listen to a lot of street punk or Celtic punk music? Dirty Filthy Mugs certainly sound better than a lot of the bands that have tried to mix punk and Celtic music together. But this band is more punk than anything, so if you’re expecting some phony paddy punk stuff, you might be disappointed.

Bottom Line: This album surprised me a lot but definitely check these guys out!
Notable Tracks: Frontline Hooligans, Another Round, Tony and Vinny
Overall Rating:


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