Drzhivegas “Get Down”

Album Reviews | Sep 3rd, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Rock
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Wow, this is just hideous. But before that – what’s up with the name? Is it Dr Z Hi Vegas or Drz Hive Gas or just the Polish word for genital warts?

I’m thinking the last, but any interpretation could work. These guys take the lowest common denominator elements of arena rock, club, funk, and a style I like to call “80s hair band’s 90s heavy rock comeback album,” and blow them up into a white-suited, glammy ball of sleaze. It reminds me of when Kiss was in their disco phase, or if David Lee Roth fronted an Eastern European dance band whose English was learned by watching Larry on Three’s Company.

Songs that will get the ladies all hot n’ bothered include “Gimme Watcha Want,” “Get Down On It,” “Get It. Start It.,” “Tonite,” and “Do U Wanna?” Notice the slang shorthand and misspellings because they are so crazy/sexy! Ooooh yeah, baby.

Anyway, I don’t know what this “It” is that they wanna get, start, sit on, and conjugate with other vague verbs. But I hope “It” refers to blessed silence. I know that’s what I want.

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