Eisenhower Field Day “Let’s Not Tell Lies”

Album Reviews | May 26th, 2007

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Record Label: Lesser Note Records
Genre: Emo
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Ugh, why does emo have to exist and ruin a perfectly good day for me? This singer needs to be catapulted to the sun. He’s so fucking whiny and high-pitched, I want to shove a sock in his face.

Musically, they’re a complete bite off of Superchunk. And the greatest thing about it not being the 1990s anymore is the lack of Superchunk. Must we relive the horror?

Okay, I left the CD on while taking a steamy coffee-fueled dump, and the band suddenly got better. This album is actually two CDs-on-one: their crappy new wussed-out emo sound (the first 10 tracks), and their crappy older wussed-out emo sound that’s actually pretty good (the last 7). Some of these older tracks are faster, more energetic, and have male-female dual vox. At least I think that’s a female. It could very well be the same dude at an even higher register. But the female give them a jangly pop sound that is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Mind you, the band is still not good, but the latter half of the CD makes them at least listenable. And “Driving To China” is a spiffy indie instrumental. And okay, I’ll throw another bone – the guitarist is pretty good. Fuck. I’m just going to shut this off now before I find more things I like about it. Fuck this shit. Fuckin’ fuck.

Bottom Line: Another Superchunk! Yay.
Notable Tracks: Exit 51, Five After, Driving To China
Overall Rating: