Electric Frankenstein “Burn Bright, Burn Fast”

Album Reviews | Sep 30th, 2005

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Record Label: TKO Records
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Electric Frankenstein have made a thousand CDs, but I never seem to go back to listen to them. I always seem to really like their stuff but I’m weird like that when it comes to re-listening to CDs. Their sound is still the same, which is not a bad thing. If people like their sound, why change it? They still have that underground rock n’ roll sound mixed with punk thing going on. Some songs are rockin’, sometimes they are at a slower tempo though, which is fine if you like that. It’s good to mix it up once and awhile since I think their music sort of sounds the same anyway. This album seems more rock than punk but Electric Frankenstein have always seem to have a style favoring rock than punk. I don’t know, while they play their music well, I’ll probably end up not listening to this again. Yes I suck, I know.

Bottom Line: Yet another rockin’ EF album.
Notable Tracks: Burn Bright, Burn Fast, Fired Up for Action, Just For you
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