Elkland “Golden”

Album Reviews | Apr 19th, 2005

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Record Label: Columbia Records
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New Wave is certainly making a come back! After hearing Elkland’s debut EP album a few months back, I was anticipating their full length album. Their music style can be associated with new wave, and synth pop. I consider these guys to be in guilty pleasure territory because let’s face it, the music is kind of fruity. Not like there’s anything wrong that! But the music is really enjoyable to listen to.

As soon as I heard the track “Apart” or “Put Your Hand Over Mine,” I knew this album was going to be great. There are many hooks & catchy choruses to dance and sing along to. The band sounds straight out of the UK and you’d think they’ve been around since the early 80’s but no, they are from upstate NY haha. The production on the album is really good, with a clean/sharp sound. There are a few tracks that I didn’t like but overall, I hope this band makes lots of albums like this one!

Bottom Line: Danceable, poppy new wave that sounds awesome!
Notable Tracks: Put Your Hand Over Mine, Apart, It’s Your Not Fault, I Need You Tonight, Find Me, Without You
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