Ettin “Rise Yourself”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2008

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Record Label: Do the Dog
Genre: Ska
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Ettin’s debut album “Rise Yourself” is the latest album on the UK ska label Do The Dog. For the most part, I love the releases from Do the Dog so I’m always happy to hear the latest ska music from over the pond. Ettin hails from Sussex UK and is a 4 piece band fronted by guitarist/singer Ruby Taylor. So fans of female-fronted ska/reggae bands will immediately like this band. Taylor’s voice is very soulful and really great! I’m sure her voice would make any pimple face rudeboy tremble at the knees. Besides having a singer that actually can sing, the band as a whole is decent as well. I think with a little better album production and if the band keeps at it, they will become an excellent band! You might like this album if you like bands like the Selecter, the Pietasters and an old ska band from NYC that isn’t together anymore, Metro Stylee.

Bottom Line: A decent soulful ska debut
Notable Tracks: To Waste, Coma, Feed Me
Overall Rating: