Ever We Fall “We Are But Human”

Album Reviews | Feb 21st, 2006

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Record Label: Hopeless Records
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As soon as this CD starts spinning, you might have the urge to take it out; but go with your gut, this is an emo overdose and a bit hard to stomach. After releasing an EP, Endura for Rise records in late 2003 Ever We Fall signed to Hopeless the next year. They just released We Are But Human, a 12-track album in February 2006. There is nothing that blatantly stands out about We Are But Human, it sounds like all too familiar emo. The record as a whole is a good example of a band trying for something that they are not quite yet attaining, chalk it up to this being their first full length.

Keeping in mind that Ever We Fall are young and just starting out, the musicianship is impressive at times, as with the complex changes on “Great Day For an Air Strike”. However, the shrill guitar sound throughout along with the screechy vocals have a sound not unlike two clumsy robots having a wrestling match. Singer Adam Brazie’s falsetto attempt is almost unbearable on “Late Night Dance Party” and every time he tries for a high pitch, you’re sure to cringe a little. The drums also sound out of place throughout, they sound as though they were mixed to be more prominent than any other part, and constantly compete with the vocals for the who-can-be-louder-on-the-record award. There is also a lengthy bass and drum solo on “G” that is just begging for a live clap-a-long, but the entire thing is drawn out and way too long to hold anyone’s attention.

The lyrics for the album also leave something to be desired, it often sounds more like an essay being read aloud than poetry being sung. The lines seem like sentences haphazardly strung together as in “…Series of stars slowly breaking through A collage of lights, lives and history Ditch Johnny in the Camry The evidence? We’d be burying it Getting into fights at picture shows This is how we lived…” from the first track, “You Think Like Tigers”. Sure, it is taken out of context, but the bad writing just shines through.

Bottom Line: It’s sub-par emo, you’ve heard something just like it before, but give Ever We Fall some time, they will come around.
Notable Tracks: “G”, just for the drums.
Overall Rating: