Ex Norwegian – “Standby”

Album Reviews | Sep 4th, 2009

Record Label: Dying Van Gogh Records
Genre: Indie Pop
Band Link: www.exnorwegian.com
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Psychedelia is a tricky business, especially in the indie rock world. Luckily, Ex Norwegian blends that spacey, Flaming Lips vibe and some Blur-y shoegaze with upbeat, guitar-driven power pop. Not only does it work, but it’s highly pleasing.

Not that Ex Norwegian is doing anything new, but they’re doing it right. They refrain from self-indulgence and overly heady trippiness to stay committed to short durations, straight-forward structures, and pop hooks. Echoey effects aren’t overdone and occasional female vox sweeten the pot.

There are some hipstery elements – a little funky dance punk here (“Dance Trance Pants”), a little hipster handclappin’ folk there (“Something Unreal”) – but they’re pulled off in a bright and jangly way that is hard to dislike.

I can’t say Ex Norwegian is genius (maybe additional listens will change my mind), but like a lot of great indie pop, they’re light and fluffy yet fully satisfying.

Notable Tracks: Fujeira In My Dreams, Fresh Pit, Sudeki Lover, Gross You
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