Eyes Set To Kill – “The World Outside”

Album Reviews | Dec 7th, 2009

Record Label: Break The Silence Recordings
Genre: Metalcore
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An interesting mix of metalcore and poppy nu-metal, this female-fronted band would be great with just a single but crucial tweak – ditch the screamo crap from the dude in the band. At least I think it’s a dude – if it’s one of the girls screaming, I’m equally impressed and too scared to make an obvious PMS joke.

Anyway, the vocal parts that are clearly female are excellent – they almost have a pop-punk quality and catchiness. It even goes well with the exceptionally melodic metalcore accompaniment, of which, by the way, a lot of metalcore bands should take note. Melodic, peppy, snappy – this could be on the radio sans the screeching.

Bottom Line: Sisters should be doin’ it for themselves.
Notable Tracks: Deadly Weapons, The World Outside
Overall Rating:


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