Face To Face “Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection”

Album Reviews | Nov 15th, 2005

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I don’t think I got into Face to Face until their last album, which was on Vagrant Records. I just never got around to listening to Face to Face until recently, maybe I was just close minded on what I thought they sounded like. Now they are broken up, and it’s a shame since I can’t see them live. I actually went to one of their shows but at the time, I only wanted to see the opening acts. Oh well, at least this Essential Collection is out and showcases their best material…

The album starts off with one of their most popular songs “Disconnected” and just goes thru all their albums, including some live tracks. Even though I started to like the band for “How To Ruin Everything,” I still think that’s their best album to date. The songs seem flawless to me. I just can’t believe I never listened to Face to Face when they were still together. There are so many great songs on here and any punk fan should get this if they haven’t heard of Face to Face before. If F2F fans have all their albums, and want a great Essential CD of their stuff, then Shoot the Moon is something you will want!

Bottom Line: Not one bad song on the entire album!
Notable Tracks: Disconnected, It’s Not Over, Blind, Bill of Goods, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.
Overall Rating: