Fairlamb – “People Change”

Album Reviews | May 17th, 2012

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
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Fairlamb is singer/songwriter Suzanne Fairlamb, who sings sad songs about life’s pains, boredoms, and disappointments. But rather than maudlin layers of string and piano, the approach here is more lo-fi and twee with a few bursts of rock.

Fairlamb’s low register and quiet vocals are adequately depressed but miss a deeper range of pain and vulnerability. Fairlamb gets close to affecting you with her voice, like on “Kaleidoscope,” but for the most part, her lo-fi approach keeps her emotions close to herself.

Still, the lyrics offer food for thought, such as on “Good Enuf 4 Me” (the song is better than the title), which repeats: “If everything was effortless, there would be less to do.”

Bottom Line: Quiet, twee, and sadsacky.
Notable Tracks: The Way It Goes, Silver Line
Overall Rating:


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