The Fenians – “Every Day’s A Hooley”

Album Reviews | Jul 1st, 2003

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Record Label: Mizen Head Music
Genre: Celtic
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With Saint Paddy’s Day quickly approaching, what better way to get in the mood for the Holiday with some Celtic rock music. It seems all I listen to these days is Celtic & folk music. I’ve heard of the name, The Fenians, but haven’t heard their music. This ISN’T Celtic punk, or as some people might call it “McPunk,” but this is a Celtic rock band in the same style as Gaelic Storm, and some other trad bands like that. The band also mixes folk, bluegrass, and world music along with the Irish stuff. I like all types of Celtic-flavored bands but don’t know what to really think of the Fenians just yet.

I think the band sounds pretty good, but the vocals bug me at some parts of the songs. The chorus of the first song sounds messy and I had to turn to the next song. I think the band sounds better after the first two songs. I don’t think they picked the strongest songs to start a CD off with. The song “Grace” starts out sounding VERY similar to Phil Chevron’s “Thousands Are Sailing.” Seems fishy to me. I hope its just coincidence and the band isn’t ripping off that song. I think the Fenians sound the best when they are playing the upbeat Celtic music and not the slow, sappy stuff. I just think this Cd could have been better.

Bottom Line: Not really impressed by this Celtic/folk band. There are a lot more bands out there that sound better. Check out the Saw Doctors, Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, Young Dubliners and of course my favorite bands The Levellers and the Pogues.
Notable Tracks: Girls Along the Road, Rebel Sons of Erin, Every Day’s a Hooley
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