Flaming Tsunamis “Zombies Vs Robots EP”

Album Reviews | Aug 13th, 2004

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Record Label: Kill Normal Records
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This is Flaming Tsunamis’ third release but like usual, I never heard of them before. They are from the Connecticut area and play skacore, noisecore, metalcore and any type of core you can think of. I don’t really see how they got caught up in the ska territory because besides the horns; they aren’t very ska-ish. Some songs sound ska but I would classify the Flaming Tsunamis as a heavy band with horns. To me, they seem somewhat chaotic and the vocals could be better. I couldn’t really find any tracks that I really liked. I’m sure other people will like this but I didn’t.

Bottom Line: Fans of Big D will like this but I wasn’t really impressed with these guys. Sorry.
Notable Tracks: Refuse To Die
Overall Rating: